Frequently Asked Questions


 I wish to volunteer within my community what is available and how would I apply?


Please leave a message through the website or Facebook and what would you like to volunteer for.


I want to change the front landscape or structure of my unit?


Start by downloading the ACC application and follow the required steps


The seal on my window leaks will the HOA repair or replace?

Owner’s responsibility.


May I approach a board member directly either in the common area or at their home?

 Never go directly to a board member’s home. A courteous conversation in the common area may be of help but you can always contact the management company directly or email the board directly address found in your welcome book.


My landscape is deadying what is the process for replacement?

Contact the management company if you intend to make changes an ARC is required.

 I am an owner, tenant/renter how may I reserve the common area for an event?

 Contact the management company directly with full details ie: date, time frame and parking requirements. You will be required to pay a refundable deposit and must clean up afterwards.


I am working on my unit interior and will need a dumpster do I need to notify the HOA?

 YES in advance.

 Closing letter process when selling unit- your closing attorney will request a closing letter for you through.

 CMA Portal- please contact our property manager, Elysia Bonner, for your web assess letter to access your account online and review documents for the Association


Are retention ponds dangerous?

 HOA Liability

Forget swimming pools—while necessary in many communities, retention ponds can easily be considered an HOA’s greatest liability and expense. Not only do they pose a constant drowning hazard for residents, but they also require continuous maintenance and planning


What is the purpose of a retention pond?

 Retention ponds or “wet ponds” are ponds constructed to treat and store stormwater runoff. Retention ponds are permanent pools of standing water and eventually empty into a receiving water body. … Benefits of stormwater retention ponds include: Improved water quality in surrounding water bodies


Why Does my Subdivision have a Retention Pond?

 Properly maintained stormwater detention basins are effective at removing up to 80% of the contaminants in stormwater runoff.  It’s your obligation as a property owner or manager to understand the functions of a pond, and we make it our job to keep your ponds functioning properly.



 No food or drinks, including alcoholic beverages, are allowed in or near the pool. If you want to enjoy food or beverages, feel free to do so at the tables, min of 3 ft from the pool or outside of the pool.

 We don’t want anything spilling and compromising the chemical balance of the pool water! Making it not safe.



 As each resident can only have up to two people visiting them at one time, no parties, showers, or other gatherings are allowed at the pool.

That also means no kegs, decorations, games, cakes, etc..



 No glass.” The Georgia Department of Health strictly forbids glass near any pool in the state. It’s for your safety!


Want to know what happens if glass breaks anywhere near the pool?


We would have to drain the pool, remove all the glass, and refill the pool. Then, have the pool inspected and authorized to re-open by the Health department.

This process takes time, which could mean the pool would be closed for a weeks, if you ever bring glass to the pool. Be safe and do not do it


Can I unload or load items in my car from the street? 


Yes, must be less than 10 minutes and must  have flasher ON

For your safety and alert others driving to avoid an accident.


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