Don’t forget to check on your neighbors

Aug 22, 2020 | Grantham Park Townhomes | 0 comments

One of our neighbors lay on the floor for 4 days, calling out for help, but no one responded. The person was without food or water and almost died. This individual is still in the hospital and will be for at least 2 or 3 more weeks.

In the last newsletter, we suggested the importance of checking on neighbors, especially during this difficult time.

This is one reason we have the rule about keeping the street clear. One resident decided it was important to have their guests park on the street for a birthday party. That makes it hard for emergency vehicles to respond when every minute counts. The rules are established for important reasons, and disregarding them could result in a serious situation or even the death of a neighbor.


Check in on your neighbors. Develop a support system within your community. Reach out but do it safely. And always remember, we will get through this. Together.

We have never experienced anything like this pandemic before, and it’s really hard. While wearing masks and practicing social distancing, it’s easier to forget the importance of checking on our neighbors, especially the elderly and those with underlying health conditions.  It’s a good idea to have phone numbers of your close neighbors in case of any emergency.  Some people are hesitant to open their door if they aren’t expecting you. If you haven’t observed your neighbor outside for a while, you can always call and check on them.

We printed flyers and took them to our neighbor’s doors. It included our contact information along with a personal note offering help with getting groceries or supplies, and a message that said, “We are in this together,” which might be the most important message of all.

While passing out the flyers, wear gloves, made sure not to go into anyone’s home and kept a safe distance from our neighbors. Seeing looks of relief on their faces is priceless and something you will never forget.  A simple gesture can mean so much to someone during times like these, which is why I encourage you to help.

If you would like to use our template, please share:




Dear Neighbor,

If you find yourself in need of groceries, supplies or any assistance, and are unable to leave your home, please call us, day or night. We will try our best to help you in any way we can.

We are in this together.



Harrison Peck

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