Grantham Park Homeowners

A Word About Covenants.


It’s the end of a year and a good time to reflect back on 2015; the good, the bad and the not so good. First let me thank the many town home owners who are maintaining their town home and taking pride in their properties. We are a fairly new community that still looks pretty good.  Over 1/3 of the townhouses have been reroofed,  landscaping has been refreshed, making the our community looking updated and keeping Grantham Park a place where people are proud to live. It’s wonderful to see all the new residents and babies and new faces at the activities, but it is also great to see the longtime residents who continue to appreciate what it means to live in our community. That all being said, I would like to address some of the issues from the past year and see if they can’t be corrected in 2015. You are now able to store your recycling and trash receptacles on the backside of the house, while still trying to keep it less visible from the street. On my constant drive-arounds, I see them out by the street and pulled to the front of the garage. That is going to cost $25.00 a day. If it can be brought to the garage, it can be brought to the side of the house. This is a violation that many homeowners call to complain about.

PLEASE NOTE ALL TRASH, RECYCLING AND BRUSH PICK UP WILL BE DONE ONE DAY A WEEK, ON TUESDAY. So that means everything can be put out MONDAYS EVENING, and be brought back in by Tuesday evening.

Lawns/weed service…Next year, in the spring, it is on Thursday. Please leave your gates unlock/ open. Remember remove dead bushes.  This is called Abatement. Leaving the bags out over the weekend is another violation and one that homeowners call to complain about. Nobody wants to see the lawn bags out all weekend. Please store them in an area not visible from the street until the evening prior to pick up day. And please remember, don’t do anything to the front or back of your home or yard without prior Real-Driving-Laws-23written approval from the HOA. ACC

driveways Oil Spills need to be cleaned up immediately That is going to cost $25.00 a day.

Fences Please look at your fences if they are in need of repair, Please repair them. That is going to cost $25.00 a day.

Please look at your front doors if need painting, please get with us or email for color code.

No Parking On the Streets or cul-de-sac, Your Car’s violation will start at $50 and the second will be $100


 Please remember to pick up after your dog’s violation will start at $50 and the second will be $100.

 And most of all. I want to wish everyone a wonderful 2016 filled with health and happiness and NO VIOLATIONS!

Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions

Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions (CC&Rs) This is a legally binding document that is officially recorded and filed with your state. Your CC&Rs cover the rights and obligations of the homeowners association to its members and vice versa. CC&Rs often cover legal issues, such as:like:

  • Property-use restrictions
  • Clearly defined maintenance obligations for the HOA and individual members
  • Mechanisms for rule enforcement and dispute resolution
  • Lender protection provisions
  • Assessment obligations
  • Insurance obligations